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Flagged Mails App racing simulation cockpit lets you THRILL to the exact same experience that real-life racing chauffeurs feel behind the wheel. Discover why expert video players understand there's absolutely nothing like the sensation you get when you bolt a feedback wheel to your video game seat. Experience the rock-solid sensation of steering, speeding up and braking without the trouble of a slippery pedal or the dissatisfaction of an inexpensive shivering wheel connected to your desk.

Now it's simple and enjoyable to own your very own GT5, GT6, Job Cars and trucks, FM5, Formula 1, DTM or WRC in your very own house, in front of your TELEVISION or computer system, and seem like you remain in the middle of the action on your preferred track! Step your very own efficiency versus the computer system or your buddies, or kick it up a notch and race online versus other motorists throughout the world. Experience the true enjoyment of all racing videogames and flight simulations. Joysticks, owning wheels and pedals feel firm and genuine.



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